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Sassy+Chic Electronic Nail Kits, 4 pc. Sets

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A personal tool that works beautifully with acrylic and real nails. Use them on your hands or feet. These kits are travel size, only 5.25-in., and easily portable. They come assorted among blue, purple, and aqua and all kits include an electronic base, a shaping tool, a cuticle pusher, and a buffing tool. It's so easy to use! Ideal for your home care routine, salons, and beauty supply stores.
Quantity: 1
Assortment Details: 5.25-in. Sassy+Chic® Electronic Nail Kits
Brand: Sassy+Chic®
Material: ABS, Iron, Stone
Material Breakdown: HIPS 80% ABS 15% Iron 3% spark stone 2%
Width: 1.125 in.
Height: 5.125 in.