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Women Neoprene Lumbar Posture Support Corrector Belt

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$45.99 USD
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$59.99 USD
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$45.99 USD
About the product
  • Super High Quality Breathable Mesh Fabric! The quality exceeds the price! Strech materials, Strong and Durable. It really helps your posture, which helps you to look slimmer.
  • Elastic Velcro Straps Adjust to Any Size! Comfortable, and great to wear while working out. Covers my whole stomach and back and compresses without causing discomfort!
  • Guaranteed To Sweat During Workout! Lossing weight.It encourages sweating in your mid-section, to help with water weight loss. Sweat your way to an hour glass figure.
  • Tuck in your lower belly! Lumbar support that helps relieve back pain. Trim stomach, support in your back right away. It does add to your waist as in visually. Makes you sit up straight & pull my stomach in.

Item: Waist Support Belt
Application: Women 
Size: S M L XL XXL
Color: Black, Orange, Blue
Material: Neoprene, fish line cloth, nylon, PP straps, magic stick